Head of Zeus: Eighteen Below (eBook / ePub)

A new serial killer thriller from the million-copy Scandinavian sensation

Stefan Ahnhem

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Victim Without a Face.

A car speeds through the streets of Helsingborg. When it reaches the harbour, the driver keeps going, straight into the cold, dark sea.


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  • 5 Sterne

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    Miss.mesmerized, 13.04.2019

    A curious accident turns out to be the beginning of an incredible series of murder. On a hot summer day, a car speeds through Helsingborg and is only stopped by the water front. The autopsy of the body reveals that he has been dead for at least two months, the body frozen. When Fabian Risk and his colleagues investigate the victim’s life, they come across a case of not just stolen identity, but also stolen millions from the rich man. Obviously a doppelgänger has taken over his life and transferred all his money. A great strategy and as it turns out, it has been working for quite some time already. While Fabian’s full attention is demanded at work, his marriage comes to an end. His wife seems to eventually make a big with her art work and his kids are immersed in other things. No one in the family pays attention to the other anymore which turns out to be a serious mistake, since all of them get in danger, again.

    Part two of the Fabian Risk series is a psychological thriller that cleverly combines the detective’s police work with the developments in his private life. I liked the protagonist in this second novel a lot more than in the first since he now has become a real team player and not the single cop who can do all on his own. What I also liked is that his Danish colleague reappears and that her story, too, is continued.

    At the beginning, the thriller starts with quite a strange case of murder and does not seem to turn out too complicated. Admittedly, for me having the two cases, one on the Swedish and one on the Danish side of the Øresund, seemed to be a classic setting with enough to solve for the two teams. Yet, Stefan Ahnhem could really surprise me with what a net of crime he has woven here. The more the novel advances the more you can just read and stare and admire the complexity of the plot. The action accelerates increasingly and this the further you get the harder it becomes to put it away. A great read and surely makes you eager to read more of Stefan Ahnhem.

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  • 4 Sterne

    Cindy R., 06.06.2019

    4,5 Stars

    The case Fabian Risk and his colleagues have to solve is innovative, twisted and suspenseful until the last minute. The last 40 minutes of reading I was almost biting my nails, that's how nervous I was of how it will play out in the end.

    My only criticism is that this book was a bit overstuffed with story-lines. Especially in the beginning there was a constant switching of scenes, and new figures were introduced in every chapter. It took me a while to get them all sorted in my head. I think that the story-line concerning Dunja should have better been a separate book altogether, and not squeezed into here. But Stefan Ahnhem wrote it as it is, and he wrote a pretty amazing book.

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